Why choose carpet?

Carpet is a luxurious and comfortable floor. There is a suitable carpet for every room in the house or office. From a soft bedroom carpet to a luxury carpet for the living room or hotel room, a practical carpet for the hallway and stairs or home office.

There are many reasons to choose carpet ...

Carpet improves the indoor climate

Carpet improves the indoor climate as it retains airborne dust particles. The carpet traps the particles and keeps them trapped in the fibres until the next time of vacuum cleaning. Therefore, a dust allergy should not form an obstruction to choose carpet. The German asthma foundation has even concluded that carpet retains dust better than any other flooring and as a result the indoor air is cleaner.

Carpet also offers good insulation, allowing energy savings of approximately 4-5% and up to 10% in cold winters. Carpet is also suitable for houses with floor heating. When purchasing carpet, pay attention to the thermal resistance or tog rating in the technical specifications and the presence of the PRO-DIS symbol underfloor heating to find a suitable carpet.

Carpet is sound absorbing

Carpet is the floor that absorbs sounds. On stairs, in the living room or in an office. A carpet doesn't reflect sounds, it absorbs them thus minimizing noise levels. Height and density of the carpet influence the effect of sound insulation.

A carpet improves room acoustics. Environmental noises are minimized by rooms that have been fitted with carpet.

Carpet is safe and warm

On a rug in front of the fireplace, going barefoot in the house or playing a game on the floor: with carpet installed, all such activities are very comfortable. Textile flooring is gentle on feet and joints.

Carpet is also non-slippery. The risk of slipping on a carpet is much lower than with smooth flooring. And if one should fall, the chances of injuries are smaller as carpet is soft and resilient.

Carpet is comfortable and luxurious

Carpet is a textile flooring, providing you with a feeling of comfort and luxury.

For extra comfort and an increased lifespan, use a good quality underlay. Underlay maximizes all positive effects of carpet such as sound and energy insulation and the feeling of comfort and luxury.

Carpet is versatile

Carpet is the most versatile flooring; the possibilities are endless! Carpet is available in many different colours, structures and designs. Combine colours, patterns and designs to create a unique floor. 

What are the Advantages of Wool Carpets? 

Not all carpets are made the same, and a lot of homeowners are surprised to find that out as they begin their floor buying process. At the Carpet & Rug Centre, we try to bring you only the best quality of carpets and that’s why we suggest you take a look at our wool collection.

Is Wool Carpet Durable?

Wool is a natural fiber and a 100% renewable resource. Wool is naturally tough, strong, and comfortable. Let us break down the benefits of wool carpet. Performance Wool’s natural crimp makes it resilient, so heavy furniture won’t leave a permanent indent. It “wears gracefully” making it look like it’s a new carpet for longer. Since wool is a natural fiber, it absorbs dyes and retains them leaving a vibrant color.

Is Wool the Best Carpet?

There are natural oils in wool and it can resist stains and is even fire retardant. Value Wool carpet is considered an investment because you will have the same wool carpet in your home for years longer and most other fibers. Wool is an energy efficient product and helps regulate temperature in the home by keeping a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Going back to the natural oils in wool, they make it stain resistant, means you spend less time worrying about keeping it clean. Wool’s best selling point is that it is renewable and recyclable.

Comfort The natural look of wool and the way it feels by hand or underfoot cannot be replicated by synthetic fibers. Its softness is appealing to the eye and allows for a comfortable cozy look on your floor. Wools natural luster and ability to slightly reflect light makes it look elegant and embodies a peaceful background.

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